ECOTOUCH 18kW ( ECO180B ) Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

ECOTOUCH 18kW Hot Water Heater

If you are looking for an affordable, compact hot water heater that can provide endless hot water to a variety of endpoints, the ECOTOUCH 18kW could be the perfect fit for you. This expert approved heater has high reviews on Amazon and comes with multiple protections to help you feel safe in your purchase.

This tankless water heater doesn’t store and preheat water like a conventional hot water heater, it constantly heats the water as it passes over the internal coils for nearly instant hot water that won’t run out. The ECOTOUCH is able to heat water up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and works at a maximum flow rate of 2.66 GPM.

ECOTOUCH 18kW on Demand Instant Hot Water Heater 240V, Self-Modulation Tankless Water Heater

  • Powerful 18kW smart heating system, heats water to 120° F or higher in seconds
  • Self-modulated energy design ensures optimal energy usage and efficiency
  • External temperature controls utilizing a touch screen system, choose temperatures in increments of 1°
  • Comes default with multiple safety and purchase protections 
  • Easy to install and can be mounted on the wall, comes with 3/4″ plumbing connections, requires 240V 2X40 AMP Double Pole breaker
ECOTOUCH 18kW Hot Water Heater

Where the ECOTOUCH Shines

The ECOTOUCH is a whole-house hot water heater that is quite affordable for the type of output it provides. The heater uses only the exact amount of electricity needed to heat the water to your desired temperature, reaching 98% energy efficiency and saving you big money on your electric bill.

The ECOTOUCH would be best used in a medium sized household, with a few outputs going at once. It’s a good entry level tankless water heater that is easy to use and doesn’t need to be messed with much after the initial installation.

How Does This Heater Work?

Tankless hot water heaters work by passing cold water through a series of pipes that are heated by either gas or electricity, in this case electricity. When the hot water tap is turned on, a flow sensor activates the heating system and cold water is heated as it passes through the pipes.

This process is instantaneous, providing hot water as soon as it is needed. This also means that the hot water provided is endless, as the only limit is how fast can the unit heat up the water to the desired temperature. 

This also means that the colder the water, the lower the total hot water output that will be provided, something you should consider if you live in a colder climate.


  • Easy to use touchscreen for setting the desired water temperature
  • Maximum flow rate of 2.66 GPM
  • Rated for whole house usage
  • Compact design that takes up much less room than a conventional hot water heater
  • Power Capacity: 18 kW
  • Power Source: 240v/60Hz Hardwire


Let’s take a look at some of the ECOTOUCH 18kW best features and protections, and see what sets it apart from the competition.

Easy to Use Touchscreen

Staying true to the name, the ECOTOUCH 18kW comes with an easy to use touchscreen with a digital display to set how hot you would like your water to be. This screen also tells you the GPM (gallons-per-minute) of flow and the power being consumed, a handy feature if you like to keep up with the stats. 

As many people purchase tankless water heaters for their ease of use and convenience factors, this handy feature fits right in!

Nice Looks

To start, the unit has a sleek look and is quite compact, with size comparable to a large shoe box. The dimensions are 12.22″ (W) x 17.25″ (H) x 4.02″ (D). It can be mounted on the wall and takes up over 80% less space than your traditional water heater unit.

Energy Savings

The ECOTOUCH adjusts the exact power input based on how much water you are using and the temperature setting you have chosen. It will always use the exact amount of energy needed to heat the water, never using more. 

This helps you to save money on your electric bill and will be a big upgrade over a traditional hot water heater that constantly heats water. 

The recommended wire size is 2 sets of 8AWG/2 with grounding. A 2x 40 AMP double pole circuit breaker is required so make sure to check for this before purchase!

Whole House Power

The ECO180B tankless heater is designed for whole house use, meaning that it can reliably heat the water for multiple fixtures inside your home, including dishwashers, showers, faucets, and washing machines. 

The unit has a max temperature rise from 67 to 115 F at 2.66 GPM, meaning it can heat water from 67 to 115 F at a rate of 2.66 gallons per minute.

Endless Hot Water

All tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand – meaning that the hot water will never run out. Conventional heaters store water in a tank and then heat it up, and once you use all the water in the tank you have to wait for the hot water heater to make more. 

Tankless water heaters are the perfect purchase for households that use a lot of hot water or just never want to run into the inconvenience of running out of hot water. No more showers going from beautifully warm to painfully cold in the middle of them!

Protections For Your Purchase

The ECO180B comes with several protections and guarantees that help you feel more confident in your purchase. There are several safety protections that will kick in if the unit notices anything abnormal, including over temperature protection, leakage detection and dry heating protection. 

The inner water and electricity lines are also designed to run separately, which decreases the leakage risk and helps to prevent scale build up.

The ECOTOUCH also comes with a one year warranty that protects against equipment failure or other issues.

Positive Aspects

Here are some of the features we really like about the ECO180B.

  • Easy to use touch screen to control temperature and view flow rate and energy usage
  • Powerful heater that can provide hot water to a whole home
  • Multiple protections with your purchase, including leakage protection, overheating protection and auto stop
  • Self modulating energy usage so your unit only uses as much energy as necessary
  • Endless hot water for all fixtures
  • Includes a one year warranty

Negative Aspects

Here are some small areas where there is room for improvement on the design

  • Better used in small to medium sized households
  • Cannot increase above the 2.66 GPM limit

Similar Products

If you are looking for a similar product for comparison purposes, the EcoSmart ECO 18 is on par with this unit. The ECO 18 is a bit pricier but has a bigger flow rate of 3.51 GPM compared to the ECOTOUCH model which is 2.66 GPM. 

Both models are also Energy Star certified, meaning they are energy efficient and can help you save on your energy bills. Additionally, both models come with digital temperature control and a digital display, so you can easily adjust the temperature of your water and monitor the performance of your water heater. Finally, they are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Both are fantastic units and the choice really comes down to budget and installation / energy requirements. We would recommend consulting with a plumber and electrician if you are unsure of the fitting types and energy output your house can provide.

If you are looking for a more powerful heater that can service a larger household, the EcoSmart 27 would be the perfect fit with a max flow rate of 6.5 GPM.


Overall, the ECOTOUCH 18kw is a high-quality, compact unit that works great in a point of use capacity or as a whole house water heater for small to medium sized homes. It is very affordable and is designed to last with multiple protections including a one year warranty, over temperature protection, dry heating protection and leakage protection. 

The digital display is very nice and easy to use, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your hot water and also view flow rate and energy statistics. It self modulates the energy used, using the exact amount required to heat and pump the water and nothing more, achieving energy efficiency of 98%.